5D-AeroSafe Fact & Figures

Project’s title: 5D-Aero Safe “5 services of Drones for increased airports and waterways safety and security”
Program: Horizon 2020
Timeframe: 01.06.2020 – 31.05.2023
Consortium: 10 partners from 7 EU member States MS
Total Funding: € 3 799 911,25
EC Requested Funding: € 3 497 475


Five dimensions equals five effects – applications offered by 5D-AeroSafe project:
  • CNS and GNSS inspections and calibration; 
  • Security Checks/patrolling of critical airport infrastructure; 
  • Runway and Taxiway Inspections (including inspections and calibration of PAPI lights); 
  • Aircraft Inspections;
  • Waterway Operations and Inspections. 
Through appropriately configured RPAS carrying specific payloads, such as miniaturized CNS transceivers and cameras with embedded video analytics algorithms, 5D-AeroSpace will provide to Air Traffic Management the much-needed missing mutual situation awareness, rendering the safe integration of UAVs in non-segregated air spaces a reality. 

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Project effects will enable smooth operation and integration of UAS in Aerodrome ATM (Air Traffic Management) systems via the co-operation with UTM (Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management) Systems, enhancing mutual situation awareness. 

UAVs will operate within an area with numerous potential conflicts so the 5D-AeroSafe system needs to take care about the safe integration with ATM and ground movements:

  • A Generic Ground Control Station (GGCS) manages all the UAV missions through an integration of the respective specific Ground Control Stations. The missions received from the tower are allocated to the UAVs with a preliminary mission preparation that will be completed at GCS level. In the other way round, the data received from the UAS are exploited at GCS and GGCS level to send the mission report to the tower.
  • The 5D-AeroSafe platform will manage the UAV missions (UTM). 
  • Seamless UTM/ATM coordination for non-segregated airspace. 



5D-AeroSafe will study and implement UAS-based solutions to enhance the airport operations in  following domains: 

Sensors calibration: the project will develop a sensor that will be embedded on a UAV (to replace the calibration with piloted aircraft – more expensive due to aircraft and pilots). 

Platform safety: the UAVs equipped with cameras will inspect the runways and taxiways (resp. waterways) to detect anomalies (FODs or defects) that could raise problems to the aircraft movements (to replace inspections by teams in car, longer and more expensive). 

Platform security: similarly, the system will search for abnormal behaviors of persons or vehicles  in the perimeter of the airport and in the vicinity.