On 6 and 7 June in Lavrio (Greece) Pilot 2a was held, which concerned the inspection of waterways. The shows took place in the port, and the main event on 7th June was attended by Vasilios Oikonomou, Member of Parliament (ND), Mr. Dimitris Loukas, Mayor of Lavrio, Mrs. Ioanna Koulouvraki, President of Lavrio Port Authority SA, Mr. Georgios Vakondios, CEO of Lavrio Port Authority SA, representatives of relevant Ministries, local government and port authorities.

The official presentation of the process was made by George Bogdos, Technical Director of 5D-AeroSafe and Chief Technology Officer of the company Future Intelligence, Mr. Govas Tasos (President of the company “Greek Water Airports”) Mr. Manolis Apostolakis (Chief Operating Officer of “Greek Water Airports “) along with Mr. Philippe Chrobocinski (Airbus Defense and Space), who presented the innovation including its contribution in maximizing safety in aviation and explaining how the automated drones will offer quick control, at less cost and with very little environmental disturbance. Introduction of Drones provides a practical yet flexible method, time savings and cost reduction, considering the coexistence of manned and unmanned vehicles in the same area and always aiming to optimize the already high level of safety of these infrastructures.

The show schedule included an inspection by a drone operated by representatives of Future Intelligence. The drone took off from a place away from the building where the audience was staying, and the entire mission was broadcast live. We had the opportunity to observe the drone in action, which, moving behind the motor boat, presented the possibilities to detect unwanted objects in the water, such as a tire, a dummy and a piece of wood. Thanks to the application designed by the project consortium, it was possible to immediately notify the detection of an object as a pop-up window and sound signal. The mission was carried out autonomously, minimizing the possibility of human error and proved the correct operation of the solutions developed in the 5D-AeroSafe project.