The 24th to the 26th October we organized a meeting in Poland

From the 24th to the 26th October we organized a meeting in Poland, thanks to the support of ITWL. [...]

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We are in the final phase of the project

We are in the final phase of the project, implementing the last set of objectives. In September, our consortium came together in Athens on the 18th to meet with NAVAIDS experts. [...]

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Lavrio – Pilot 2a

On 6 and 7 June in Lavrio (Greece) Pilot 2a was held, which concerned the inspection of waterways. The shows took place in the port, and the main event on 7th June was attended by Vasilios Oikonomou, Member of Parliament (ND), Mr. Dimitris Loukas, Mayor of Lavrio, Mrs. Ioanna Koulouvraki, [...]

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Consortium meeting combined with Pilot 2a

On June 6-7, 2023, there will be a consortium meeting combined with Pilot 2a, which concerns Waterdrome Inspection. The event will take place in Lavrio, Greece. We are counting on a wide audience and successes – more details soon!


Plenary meeting in November

On November 17-19th, the plenary meeting of the 5D-AeroSafe team took place in the city of Corfu. During the two-day meeting, a number of technical issues of the developed solution were discussed. There were also flight tests prepared by one of the partners – FINT. The unmanned aerial vehicle successfully took off and landed in the port of Kerkyra, presenting its flight and observation capabilities.
The meeting covered the consortium’s validation of the 5D-AeroSafe project’s technical solution and was hosted and organized by “Greek Water Airports” – one of the project’s end users.
The project activities and objectives of 5D-AeroSafe were widely reported in the Greek and international press. Interested persons are invited to read the article written in English:


Tests in Poland

On September 27-29th, 2022, a plenary meeting of the consortium was held at the Air Force Institute of Technology (Poland), combined with a demonstration of the current capabilities of the 5D – AeroSafe system. For organizational reasons, some of the consortium members participated in an online meeting.
On September 27th and 29th Task Managers discussed and presented the progress of their work. On September 28 the ITWL team performed a demonstration combined with the study of the technical capabilities of the system. The tests were performed at the Radom Sadków Airport.

During the tests, three planned missions were carried out:

  • Inspection of the condition of the runway surface
  • PAPI lights inspection
  • Inspection of runway lights

The demonstration in Radom confirmed the correct operation of the main ground elements (GCS and GCS stations) and the correctness of the processes: planning and automatic mission execution.


International Defense Industry Exhibition

On September 6-9, the International Defense Industry Exhibition was held in Kielce. This year’s show gathered 613 exhibitors from 33 countries around the world, including 312 Polish companies. The fair was visited by 60 delegations from 39 countries, including eight at the ministerial level. 19,000 guests from all over the world attended MSPO 2022, and another 10,500 visited the Open Day.

The 5d-AeroSafe project was promoted at the ITWL stand, and the inquisitive could learn more from our advertising materials.


Plenary meeting in Corfu on June 14-15

The consortium held the second plenary meeting in Corfu on June 14-15. For two days we discussed constructively with presence of all partners and a few important decisions were made. There was also an on-site inspection at Corfu Town’s port. We have planned activities for the next months, necessary from the point of view of project development. We all hope that there will be more such fruitful meetings!


1st 5D-AeroSafe Trial

Meet us online – December 14th, 2021

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1st WORKSHOP upcoming

The 5D-AeroSafe consortium is pleased to invite to attend to the first project’s workshop that will be held in Heraklio (Creta) on the 3rd November, 2020, and will be accessible also as a teleconference.
The 1st 5D-AeroSafe Workshop on drone-based services and solutions for increasing the safety and security of airports and waterways intends to share the first results of the project, namely the user and stakeholder expectations, the project framework and the scenarios that will be played to test and validate the versions of the system in real airports and water airports.
5D-AeroSafe aims to develop an Unmanned Air System that can be installed in an Airport or a Waterport to inspect and calibrate CNS systems, to inspect the runways, taxiways and waterways in search of foreign objects/debris and to check for safety/security violations in the airport area. The system is managed by an Unmanned Traffic Management that guarantees the safety of the air operations.
We count on you to bring your knowledge and expertise to support us in this challenging experience.

Contact us to get registration details:



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