1st 5D-AeroSafe Trial

Meet us online – December 14th, 2021

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1st WORKSHOP upcoming

The 5D-AeroSafe consortium is pleased to invite to attend to the first project’s workshop that will be held in Heraklio (Creta) on the 3rd November, 2020, and will be accessible also as a teleconference.
The 1st 5D-AeroSafe Workshop on drone-based services and solutions for increasing the safety and security of airports and waterways intends to share the first results of the project, namely the user and stakeholder expectations, the project framework and the scenarios that will be played to test and validate the versions of the system in real airports and water airports.
5D-AeroSafe aims to develop an Unmanned Air System that can be installed in an Airport or a Waterport to inspect and calibrate CNS systems, to inspect the runways, taxiways and waterways in search of foreign objects/debris and to check for safety/security violations in the airport area. The system is managed by an Unmanned Traffic Management that guarantees the safety of the air operations.
We count on you to bring your knowledge and expertise to support us in this challenging experience.

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