5D-AeroSafe Consortium

The 5D-AeroSafe associates partners from 7 EU Member States. Partners represent highest innovation capabilities ensuring fulfillment of the project objectives.
Project incorporates:
3 SME partners, that will contribute significant ‘know-how’ for the provision of UTM systems, expertise in development of transceivers, and water airport operations.
4 Academic and Research partners, offering their skills in UAV integration and testing, visual analytics and AI algorithms, as well as information and communication technologies.
2 large industrial players (ADS, FERROVIAL) offering their expertise in RPAS systems, systems integration and airport/transport infrastructure management. Finally,
3 End User partners (FERRO, GWA, EUROCONTROL) will offer their valuable expertise in guidance the project to offer a solution close the needs of the user.


Airbus Defence and Space – France (Coordinator)
Future Intelligence Ltd. – Greece
Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile – France
Air Force Institute of Technology – Poland
Vicomtech – Spain
Hellenic Mediterranean University – Greece
Ferrovial Corporacion SA – Spain
Greek Water Airports – Greece
AirMap Deutschland GmbH – Germany
Eurocontrol – Belgium